Why I Keep on Clicking?

I am writing in my other post of getting crazy [again] with paid to click sites. So expect that in several days from now on I will post the different sites where I earn money online.

I am now starting to promote my links with my friends (which I did not do before). Others tried it but in a week or two they’ll quit. I know how hard to earn big money in PTC sites. I tell you it’s not an overnight task to earn hundreds or even a dollar.

One of my friends asked my sister why we have to do this where in fact we don’t need it any more. The answer is just for fun. Why waste the whole day visiting networking sites without earning a single penny? Why not do both? Visiting networking sites like FB while clicking ads!

Well actually the main reason why I still continue doing this is because I want to earn more and I am creating different streams of income: my salary, other investments  and why not include the pennies that coming through online earnings. Every single penny counts!

When I started joining PTC sites I tried to compute this way:

Average earning in every site is $0.04 and say I am registered in 3 legit sites.

So my earning per day is: $0.04 x 3 = $0.12

In a month: $0.12 x 30 = $ 3.6

In a year: $3.6 x 12 = $ 43.2 ….and that`s MONEY!

With a very simple task to do while enjoying browsing different sites I think registering to this paid to click sites is not a burden at all.

You can visit my page of the list of where I earn online. I will update it regularly as I discover new sites to earn.

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    • Yannie says

      I agree with you. it’s not worth the time. But what makes you earn more in this kind of program is having downlines. Just like my Clixsense account my earnings is quiet good compare to my other PTC sites account because of my downlines

  1. says

    Hi. I’m also into PTC jobs. Indeed there’s very little income to this so we have to go for downlines. And that was my problem I have few downlines and some are inactive hmm.. but with months of working I got to cashout to some of the PTC I was into.
    I think I’m gonna try those writing sponsored blog posts but first I have to raise my blog rank. :) Anyway have you tried ODESK? You can earn a lot there.. There’s a lot of job you can find.

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