The 100 Comments Blog Event: My Experience, Realization and Suggestion

Last March 1-8, 2012 I participated an event called “The 100 Comments on your Blog” hosted by Tanya of Blogelina. It was participated by 272 blogs which was divided into two groups. Thus it’s expected that a blogger will receive over 100 comments on his/her epic post.

Epic Post

We are requested to make a post for the event. Tanya emailed as some tips on what the epic post means, which I will not go into details. As much as possible it’s the best post ever; something that your readers could participate in the discussion.

My fault was that I didn’t prepare for the epic post. I was caught by the deadline and submitted a URL but the content was not yet ready (it’s a scheduled post). My supposed topic was “Generosity Anchored with Love to God”.  However on the last minute I changed the topic which is “Why do I Blog?” using the same URL.

But I was surprised when the participants of the event commented on my other post “How to Start a Blog?” Perhaps the host was confused with the submitted URL. Anyways the whole experience was great.

Experience and Realization

As I visited other blogs, it made me realized how bad my epic posts are (I submitted two blogs for the event). I wish I prepared for it. For my craft blog I should included some of my art piece or pictures of what I am discussing in my post.

Anyhow, visiting other blogs is a fun-filled experience. I learned a lot and meet great bloggers. But I will also admit that it’s exhausting task. Since I find it as my responsibility to read and comment to other blogs as a participant of the event.

It’s very timely because during the duration of the event I got several paid tasks not to mention that I have to chat with my BF too. With the limited time, I set a goal: leave at least 17 comments each day while chatting with BF and make a post for the paid task. Setting goals made my tasks easier and on the last day of event I was able to finished commenting to 137 blogs (Ooopps! I think approximately 130 blogs since there are inaccessible links).

My Suggestion

For my two blogs I only got less than 100 comments each. So obviously there are participants who didn’t follow the instruction. Perhaps some of them are too busy and unable to do it. Nevertheless, receiving more than 60 comments made a difference.

I hope Tanya will host the same event but with some revision of the instruction. As I observed those who are in the first list received more comments than those in the bottom list. Thus I suggest that when commenting one should start on the post next to her in the list. Sound confusing but here’s what I mean say my blog post is in #66 in the list, so I should start commenting on #67 and ends on #65 and owner of #67 should start on #68 and so on. In this way, everybody will get comments even on the first day of the event.

Overall, I definitely love the event. I discovered new things, sites, technologies that are very helpful.  I learned a lot tips for the improvement of my blogs as well as for my personality. I actually keep on visiting some of the links.

To end this post, I thank all who dropped by and commented and of course to Tanya for hosting this event. Hoping to see you in the next event.


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  1. says

    I REALLY like your idea of where to start with your commenting – brilliant! If everyone did that, it would probably be a more rewarding experience for everyone. Excellent idea!

    • Yannie says

      I think I need to go over again with the list. Perhaps I can check those inaccessible links and visit again.

      BTW, thanks!

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