Publishing Traditional Paper Advertisements

Businesses and organizations must always project a professional image when advertising something. High quality brochures may be made through third party services. Using software to make brochures isn’t the best option for companies and enterprises that want to make the best impression upon potential clients and business partners.

Brochure creation can be done online through various websites that are managed by reliable printing companies. First, a business needs to import all of the content that will be used to make the presentation. High quality photographs and text articles need to be dragged and dropped onto empty templates that are ready to be filled online. The editing process for brochure creation is very easy. A user simply adds pictures and words into various custom layouts. After all of the content is imported, other features may be selected.

A brochure could consist of several pages or dozens of pages. Clients need to select the size of the paper that will be used for the presentation. Additionally, the finish should also be customized with options such as gloss or matte. High quality paper can be used in order to prevent any ripping and other damage from water spills or markers. Binding choices for brochures include saddlestitched and sewn. In general, brochures should be easily folded and carried by hand. Brochure printing services are affordable when ordered in bulk. For the most part, businesses need a large volume of brochures that are handed out or mailed out to specific recipients in a local area.

A Surprise Gift for Tatay

My father was driving his old rotten big bike for more than a decade. He bought it as a remembrance from separation pay he got from the company he worked. It was a nice motorcycle the only problem is that it is not locally sold, thus parts are hard to find. Another thing it is very heavy, with his age he should use scooters, XRM, or motorcycle alike.

Last December we decided to surprise him since it was his birthday. We went to Honda store and let him choose the best motor for somebody, only he did know later that it was for him. Of course he was elated.

We chose Honda XRM because we believe its quality; the weight and height is just perfect for him. Plus we can easily find honda motorcycle parts in the local market.

“Fly a Little Higher” – The Book That Made Me Cry

When a doctor told you that your love one or you yourself have months to live, how would you react? How will you spend your remaining days? This is what the book is all about, author Laura Sobiech wholeheartedly share the battles that her family faced against the cancer that hit her son Zach Sobiech.

Fly A Little higher
Zach was 17 when his doctor told him that he had months to live. Instead of writing letters to his love ones Zach poured his emotions through songs. His song “Clouds” became #1 Hit Single, which not only left marks to the hearts of people close to him but also to the million people across the globe… And I am one of them.

I first learned Zach’s story via YouTube, “My Last Days” produced by SoulPancake, a year ago. That video made me cry and made me appreciate how Zach lived life to the fullest despites his condition. It is a story that reminds us to value life.


After watching that video I know I had to write about his story. But then gladly I didn’t write about it right away because reading the book is like digging how he and his family handled the difficult situation. Watching the video alone will not make you appreciate the people around Zach who fought the cancer with him… the video is only the surface.

With the book, Laura Sobiech shares intimately their struggles as they faced the reality of cancer. It is good that Laura mentioned about “what not to say” to the cancer victim and the family (page 57). Though brief pointers it is something that people should know when faced in a situation.

The book was written straight from a mother’s heart that you can feel her agony; it will quench your heart and yes [in my case] I cried. I cried almost in the entire book. But I also celebrated as Zach shone in the limelight of media that unknowingly will touch million of people.

Zach is an angel, looking at his picture and him on the video you can see gleams of light from him. Yes he is an angel that has mission to come here on earth to convey message in a techy way, via YouTube, that life is so precious… so seize the day!


Disclosure: I received this book for free from publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange of my honest opinion. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Guidelines.