Taking Your Band To The Next Level

Music isn’t just about music – it’s about image. Visual representation is as important as anything when attracting new potential fans or connecting with old ones. Everything from how you fix your hair to the font you put on your website contributes to how the world see you as a musician. Of course, the music is what will make or break a fan, but there’s nothing to gain from denying that image and visual impressions play a part in a performer’s success.

To that end, there are ways to take control of how you present yourself to the world. Sometimes the best way to take control of that is to give it up – let a professional take what you want to be and make that happen for you. Hiring a photographer will probably work out better than a bunch of phone photos from live performances. A photographer like Casey Drahota of Rockstar Photography, who specializes in promotional photography for bands and musicians, will have experience in the field and know how to give you the image you want.

You can regret that you have to focus on anything but music to do well as a musician, or you can embrace your image as another form of self-expression that informs and works with your music to get your message across to the world. Make the most of itas a new opportunity to tell the work who you are.

How to Keep Sane in an Insane Work Environment

I am a food server in a foreign country. There I said it!

I’ve been shy about telling my friend what I do for a living. I mean there is nothing wrong with the job, in fact I could say it’s a challenging one especially you have to deal and please customers (speaking of rude customers). But then I am a license engineer and teacher back home and with that I think they are expecting me to land to a better job in line to the course that I took.

Coming here in Canada is mainly about experiencing life abroad… until the day I first wiped the table and the reality sunk in. It was devastating in the first few months. Different challenges came on my way: discrimination, different foods, language barrier, mean co-workers, distances from my love ones… and talking about a crazy-chaos working environment. (but hey there are lots of good people too). I felt like I am tearing apart and I am going insane. It came to the point that I almost surrender.

Until I met an old woman named Glenda who left a remarkable message that carved into my mind, “continue doing good things and you will be blessed“. From then on, I tried to be deaf and blind to any negative comments. I accept it as a valuable lesson and tried to improve my work. I work hard and learn to dance with their music. Other than that here are the list of things that I do to keep me sane in this foreign land:

1. There are two books that really helped me mold my way of thinking and in dealing people: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson, Ph. D.and “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”by Eckhart Tolle. The first book taught me to treat situation easily. I tend to get easily disappointed with small things but I learned to deal with it now.

2. If people at work cause stress usually I just take a break and go somewhere and repeat this mantra “I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you”. I learned this from the second book I mentioned above. Based on my experience, those words had an impact on me and the people to whom I address my mantra.

3. For us not to get burn-out with so much stress at work we usually go out of town for an adventure. Go for long drive and unwind.

4. Do what you love.  Another outlet to de-stress myself is to do something creative: painting, drawing, doodles, crafting, etc.  I think one of the best things about coming here in Canada is that I am able to buy arts and crafts materials that I wasn’t able to do when I was in the Philippines. In fact, I am a certified hoarder. (Take a peek on my arts and crafts blog at Ey to Zee or visit my Instagram account). If not crafting, I read or write blog posts.

Doing what you love brings satisfaction at the end of the day. It is indeed rewarding.

5. Organize. Although I am a hoarder I make sure everything is organize and clean. I am more relax when everything is in order. Besides my little office is inside my room (which should not be), thus need to keep it a very relaxing place.

To add on to the list above, recently I practice this five methods (from ANC.yahoo.com) that will help you recharge and to be more proactive:

1. Every morning write down 3 things that make you grateful. This teaches your brain the habit of positive scanning.

2. Write in your journal a  positive experience in the last 24 hours. This way you relive it.

3. Exercise: It teaches your brain that behavior matters.

4. Meditate. You learn to focus on a single task at hand despite the distraction.

5. Do random act of kindness. 


And by the way, it’s almost four years that I am doing waitressing. Although I loathe it at first but eventually I learned to love it. Because through this job I was able to develop my interpersonal skills (which is my weakness) and to tell you… heck waitressing is one tough job!



Sansa is Spayed

Our pet dog, Sansa, is an outdoor type of dog. But having an extreme winter season here in Alberta, we decided to let her stay inside our house. One problem that we anticipated was her monthly period. The first time that she had it lasted for a week. Thus we decided to have  her spayed. Besides we can’t have more puppies at home if in case she got pregnant.

When she returned home after the ovariohysterectomy procedure, she was so weak and groggy. Good thing the veterinarian gave her some prescription ped meds which helped her fast recovery.



A photo posted by Mar_yannie (@mar_yannie) on



Now Sansa, is still playful as she is. She sometimes sneaks and plays with our neighbor’s dog which worries us a lot because the county might get her. Well what we can do she needs a playmate too.

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