Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Children and adults can benefit from visiting a local dentist at least once every six months. Preventative dental care could actually save people a significant amount of time and money on future procedures. For example, small cavities could be easily managed and fixed with simple fillings. If neglected, tiny cavities may quickly develop into larger problems that call for root canals and other comprehensive dental procedures. A routine check up in a dental office includes a full cleaning that removes any plaque on the teeth and gums. This simple procedure can prevent gum disease and bad breath. X-rays are also taken on all of the teeth in order to detect any possible issues such as cavities, caries and more. is an example of a website that’s associated with a professional dental practice that offers general and cosmetic treatments for people of all ages.

Cosmetic dental procedures are available in order to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. Whitening and bleaching eliminate any discoloration on the natural enamel of teeth. However, only the front teeth such as the incisors and molars are usually treated with whitening solutions. Molar teeth are typically not visible when a person talks or smiles. Cosmetic dental options may also include veneers, crowns and implants that can significantly improve the appearance of all teeth. Veneers are usually made of high quality porcelain material that is bonded to the natural surface of teeth. Dental implants and bridges are usually applied to teeth that are damaged beyond “repair.”

Don’t Throw It Yet

You are squeezing your moisturizer out from a tube, and no matter how hard you squeeze nothing is coming out from it. So you think it’s empty? No! Don’t throw it yet.

You can actually save more from it. Just cut the tube and open then voila you can see more moisturizer that will last for days.


 photo IMG_0337.jpg

This 50 ml Avene moisturizer lasted me for 2 MORE weeks after cutting the tube; totaled to 9 weeks of usage.


But of course you have to find ways of sealing it and make sure your hands are clean before dipping your fingers in it.

I learned this saving tip from my mom who will let us consume the almost empty toothpaste by cutting it before taking out a new one. I did this during my college days, and my boardmate pitied on me and offered her toothpaste. LOL…

This also applies to shampoo. Just add water when you think it’s empty already. You’ll be surprise you can use more; same with lotion in a bottle and other beauty stuffs. You paid for it so might as well use all that is in that beauty container.

My Birthday Wish List

I realized soon I’ll be out in calendar; haha … I don’t know if it’s the right interpretation for this “lampas na sa kalendaryo”. I don’t have any extravagant party plans since it falls on Maundy Thursday, by Catholic tradition we should not celebrate on that day. But I have my wish list (Tagging boyfie to read this)

Laptop – I badly needed this one for me to be able to do my online sidelines. I can’t live without it especially I am always left alone in our house. Not necessarily expensive but if somebody will give me MacBook then why not?

Apple Macbook

Kitchenaid Mixer – I love baking but it would be better if doing it with a high-end brand. Plus I can see a future business for my sister. See this is not just for me but for my sister too!

KitchenAid mixer

Sewing Machine – I honestly don’t know how to operate it. But I want to learn how. I will be using it for DIY, dress makeover and learn the art of sewing.

sewing machine

eBook Reader – Why not tablet? I just want an electronic device specifically for reading so that I won’t end up browsing other apps like Pinterest, Craftgawker, Instagram. You have no idea how I wasted time browsing those sites.


Handbag – I only have 3 small cross body bags but I realized I need a larger purse. I don’t need a Louis Vuitton purse it’s too way expensive but I’m eyeing this Michael Kors tote… haha… okay fine, not necessarily branded but at least large purse.

micael kors
Watch – I realized that I needed it when I was in vacation. I need it so that I don’t have to pull my phone from my purse just to look for the time.

That’s it! But If I buy the high-end products surely it will cost me fortune. Thus, again tagging my boyfie… LOL.


(images are not mine)