Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret

I usually have a pimple once in a month due to hormonal changes when I get my period. But since June 2014, my forehead was attacked with unwanted cystic pimples. Especially in my upper brow area.

I tried from different home remedies to chemical products just to get rid of it. Changed pillow case every day, washed my hair everyday and even doing some relaxing or meditation just to distress myself. However it doesn’t help that much. It was so depressing to watch my face especially those days when new bulge of pimple appeared.

Researching for the cause, I found out that pimples are one ways of our body telling us that there is something wrong with our organs. In my case, since it’s in the brow area an article says that it could be my intestines. Thus, decided to go on detox diet. Besides I am trying to lose weight too.

I tried juicing and soft diet because I can’t survive the fasting. And I am glad that I was given the opportunity to do review of this eBook Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret through Tomoson.


Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret


The eBook consist of two parts. First is the introduction of green smoothies including the health benefits of it, why it is the healthiest weight loss program, nutritional value, tasty tips and other facts about it. Second part are 50 recipes of smoothies with nutritional values in each recipe.

I admit when I did the juicing or smoothie I was just mixing all the vegetable and getting tired of the awful taste. But this eBook help me a lot in making a nutritious drinks without sacrificing the good tastes. The 50 recipes is a sure hit, not to repeat a single smoothie recipe within a month. I also learned to achieve good and interesting taste by using ingredients like ginger, cinnamon powder, honey and other natural sweetener (read Chapter 7 – Tasty Tips).


Apple Celery Smoothie
Apple Celery Smoothie

However, there are some recipes that were overlooked by the author and needs to be edited. For example the Kale and Papaya Smoothie, when you look at the recipe it doesn’t call for a papaya ingredient but instead for mango. Another recipe, Frozen Mango and Kale Smoothie, the author forgot to mention the Kale ingredient.

Trying the recipes from this eBook made me realized that smoothie is better when you want to go for weight loss and detox program. With smoothies, it will make you feel full compare to juicing. But I do believe the health benefits are the same.


Avocado Mint Smoothie
Avocado Mint Smoothie

With this not expensive eBook this is surely worth every penny if you want to achieve a glowing a healthier looking you. Let’s prettify and starts from within with these green smoothies recipes.



Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Condition Your Vehicle for Winter Season

One thing to consider for winter season is your vehicle. It should be conditioned for that season because we all know how important the vehicle is and how harsh winter can be. It is important that drivers or vehicle operators should check their vehicle if there are something that needs to be repair and have done it right away before the winter starts.

It’s better if the vehicle is overhaul and tune up ready for the season. Of course it’s time to change for winter tire. Other than that drivers should also consider xtralights tails. We all know winter time is dark thus drivers should see the importance of the vehicle lights.

Being prepared for winter season is something that every driver should consider to prevent any future problems like accidents in roads. Safety first is very important!

CELPIP vs. IELTS (General Test)

One of the requirements in applying for permanent residency or as an immigrant in Canada is to meet the minimum English language standards through

CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) – English; administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises. As of this writing CELPIP is available in Canada only.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – English; jointly managed by Campbridged English Language Assessment, the British Council, and IDP Education Pvt Ltd.

TEF (Test d Evaluation de Francais) – French


For English language tests IELTS is very common since it is also used to assess the language proficiency of a candidate applying other countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand to name a few. While CELPIP is recognize in Canada alone and it is a new testing agency for language proficiency.

This blog post aims to compare the two tests since I took both tests but in different locations and years. I took IELTS at Davao, Philippines last 2011 and just recently took the CELPIP exam at Edmonton, Canada. Although the IELTS exam I took was 3 years ago I do believe that there are no significant changes of the exams before compare to current test base on my interview with my friends who took the exam recently.

Fees (as of this writing)

IELTS – $300 (tax included)

CElPIP – $265 +tax  – all provinces and territories except Newfoundland and Labrador and Morthwest Territories (Source)


Study Guides or Materials

With IELTS you can either enrol to a review class, which I did, to prepare you to the method of testing. There are study materials too that you can purchase online. But if you know the techniques or ways of exam in IELTS you can just search for study guides and materials online which are free and readily available.

While CELPIP has limited study guides. There are free sample exams from Paragon Testing Enterprise but are controlled. There are instructional materials that are for sale. I purchased the CELPIP – General Practice Tests (online) for $30 CAD + tax thinking that there are many sample exams I can practice. But I regret buying it. There is only one sample in each category which is not really a big help. The free sample exams from Paragon Testing is enough for me. But on the other hand if you want to learn tips for speaking and writing exams purchase this materials.

TIPS: For speaking exam just search for interview questions online similar to the sample exams, like giving opinion, giving advice, comparing, and describing a scenario.


The Exam

Methods of exams for both are similar. But IELTS is an old school method using pencil and paper while CELPIP is computer based including the speaking test.

IELTS is in British accent thus very confusing if you are not used to this accent. CELPIP on the other hand is using Canadian English making it easier to understand.

  • Listening, Writing and Reading

In IELTS, everybody starts at the same time and have to wait until the end of the time. Test takers are inside a big hall which I find crowded and distracting especially in Listening part.

While in CELPIP everybody starts at the same time but you have control in your own pace although it is time limited too. You can proceed to the next test even when others are not yet done. The exams are being held inside a classroom. The number of test takers are limited (I guess more or less 30, I’m not sure about this) and they have their own cubicle with computer and headset. As I said it is computer based.

  • Speaking

Speaking in IELTS is an actual interview. If you get intimidated with interviewer then IELTS is not for you.

Since CELPIP is computer based you will only speak in a microphone and your voice is being recorded.

The biggest con in CELPIP is that when somebody starts the writing test you will get distracted with the sounds of the keyboards. Worst is that when everybody starts the speaking test. Although you are using headset you can still hear what others are saying especially some test takers can’t control their voice.


Timeframe of Exams

IELTS usually you will spend the whole day taking the exam with speaking. In my case I took listening, reading and writing in half day but have to be back in another day for the speaking exam.

The CELPIP exam will only take 3 hours to finish the whole tests.



You can access your result online in both IELTS and CELPIP plus a letter will be sent to you.


Which to take?

Both are similar they have their own cons and pros. Although speaking in front of computer is less intimidating or not at all, I’d still rather do the speaking test in front of an actual interviewer because I can express more my ideas. But base on my experience, generally, I like CELPIP more than IELTS mainly because its computer based. I am more comfortable with it than using pencil and paper. Plus they are using Canadian English which is easier to understand.