I can’t believe 8 days to go and it’s gonna be March. Where does February goes?

I was busy with my adorable niece lately. She was born last February 6. And I want to tell you that I witnessed one of the best part of human creation – the birth. It was so amazingly beautiful. I thought it would scare me to have my own baby, but no, it even encourages me more to have one.

On the other note, something really bothered me this month. On the same date that my niece was born, I undergo a breast ultrasound. The third time actually. And I was advised for breast biopsy. It scared me because of the things I heard from those who undergo the same examination.

What if I have cancer? Will I ever have chance  to have my own family and raise my children? Such questions linger me for several days. But it was too early to tell.

I don’t want to go for biopsy, but to keep me at ease, I underwent the said procedure last February 18. I am so thankful to my sister who gave words of hope. She was the only one among members of the family who knows about my condition.I want to tell my mother because her prayers will comfort me. But I don’t want her nor other family members to worry about me.

As I lay down on the bed inside a very cold room while waiting for the doctor to do the procedure, I felt so alone and empty.


The physical pain I experienced was bearable… but waiting for the result is killing me. The only thing I can do now is pray and faith that everything will be okay.




Darker Edge of Desire (#BookReview)

About the Book

A forbidden love in the mysterious world of supernatural with the tinged of horror – that summarizes the book.

In Darker Edge of Desire: Gothic Tales of Romance, Mitzi Szereto has brought together out-of-this-world romance and fantasy writers who let passion drive the heartbeat of the paranormal tales. This electrifying collection, which deepens and expands on the dark eroticism of her critically acclaimed Red Velvet and Absinthe, will elicit dread and thrill from enthusiasts of the dark, erotic and forbidden. Mysterious underworlds and supernatural love interests help create a heightened version of your typical romance with unique passion. 

Darker Edge of Desire
Darker Edge of Desire: Gothic Tales of Romance
Available at for only
CDN $ 9.99 – Kindle Edition
CDN $13.51 – Paperback


I am expecting a romance book base on the title. To my surprise, overall, this book is more than that. It is all about wild sex fantasies and eroticism involving either horror, mystery or supernatural. If this is a film this will definitely rated as xxx.

The 14 short stories written by different authors are unique at its own. Some stories are disappointing because they focus more on eroticism that makes the story less horrifying, exciting or chilling that Gothic romance would depict. But there are authors who were able to show what Gothic romance genre is all about. Those authors were able to write a novel in a concise story; bringing some thrills and makes the reader to anticipate the ending of the story. Among my favorites are: Sister Bessie’s Boys, The Alchemist Daughter and Devoured by Envy.

Apparently, this book is STRICTLY for adults only. If you enjoy this genre of book then this is a perfect book for an exciting late night read.


Disclosure: A book was provided to me  for review.  No payment was received by me in exchange for this review nor was there an obligation to write a positive one. All opinions are 100% mine.

3 Tips When Using Canvas for Your Painting

Whether you’re a recreational painter or paint as a profession, you realize that your tools are an important part of the creative process. You can have a tremendous spark of imagination, but that spark will never become a creative flame without the right tools. Brushes and paints are, of course, vital tools for every painter. But they aren’t the only tools you need. Make sure that before you begin your next art project that you buy canvas to be used as the foundation of your final piece. If you’re not entirely comfortable with how to use canvas for your painting, these three tips should help.


  1. Toned background. Many painters decide to unwrap their canvas (be sure to unwrap the cellophane!) and get to painting right away. But some of the most prolific painters in the world suggest a toned background. In other words, they suggest you paint the canvas a solid paint color. This can help make your painting look more professional, increase the speed in creating your paintings, and will give you a fool-proof way to create tonal mood for your piece. We suggest you apply this tonal background after priming your canvas with gesso, if you’re working with raw canvas.
  2. Apply gesso. Gesso is similar to white acrylic paint, only thinner. It dries hard, and will make the surface of the canvas stiffer. Gesso will prime the surface of your canvas, making it slightly textured and ready to accept acrylic paint. Without gesso, your paint would simply soak into the weave of the canvas, which you certainly do not want to happen. These days you can also purchase colored gesso, so over time you may want to try your hand at a variety of styles and tints.
  3. Choosing your canvas type. If you’re about to buy a quality canvas for your project, you want to make sure you choose the right canvas type for your needs. Different types of canvas will present a different tooth for the paint, while offering a different textured effect. Canvases can be made from linen and cotton (while some many feature a percentage of synthetic fibers). Fabrics with fine grain are ideal for detailed work, while coarser materials are great to provide a more profound textured effect. We suggest you buy cuts of painting canvas to test out.


The canvas you buy for your painting needs will help dictate what your final project will look like. Recreational and professional painters throughout Sydney turn to The Sydney Canvas Company to buy canvas for their art projects. See what they have to offer by visiting them online at




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