Changing and Organizational Models

“Change is the only constant” ~Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher World is continuously changing thus organization must also change. Managers initiate and improve ways of doing things; change is the answer in order for the company to stay ahead of the competition.However, change process is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Managers must follow the “wh” questi … [Read more...]

Visiting Los Angeles on a Budget

In addition to using a discount website to save money when searching for hotels in Los Angeles, there are several other ways to enjoy a trip to the city while on a tighter budget.Be Part of a Live Studio AudienceFor people who love television shows, one of the advantages to visiting Los Angeles is the opportunity to watch the live taping of … [Read more...]

Sworkit Out!

Sworkit App

Finally found the perfect app for me to workout - the Sworkit! It is simple and I can do it anywhere anytime in three easy steps:Choose category. Depending on which body part I want to work out. Set time limit. Get to Swork. Sworkit provides video instruction and audio cues to take me through the workout and make it easy to follow al … [Read more...]