5 Authors to Watch This Year

Some are obscure. Some make The New York Times Best Seller list. All of them are deserving of a second look from anyone interested in keeping an eye on good authors in 2015. If you're ready to expand your literary horizons, here are just five names to know.1. Jesse Armstrong Already a successful television writer, Jesse Armstrong is now taking … [Read more...]

Managers vs Leaders

What is the difference between manager and leader? I find this confusing because I thought it has the same role. But at the end of the discussion of the topic, somehow I was enlightened of the big difference of the two.MANAGERS do the transactional style. They have a position of authority vested by the company on them. Their role is to see to … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Walk In Clinic

Instead of going to an emergency room and sitting for a long period of time waiting to be seen by a doctor, another option is going to a walk in medical clinic. These provide many of the same services that you would find at an emergency room or doctor's office, but you don't need an appointment. There are several benefits too this kind of clinic, … [Read more...]