{#BookReview} Waves of Love

Book Description

Can love overcome an age difference of more than 10 years?

At thirty-two, Sage Drake has the world by the tail. She owns her own bookstore, in sunny Florida, and loves her work so much she lives in the apartment above the store. Then one day a young surfer strolls in, cadging free coffee and donuts from her little café. His name is Derek Chambers, and he’s no regular surfer: he’s an author of a series of surfing travelogues, eager to do a book-signing or two at Sage’s store. She goes him one better by offering to host a series of writing workshops, with Derek as the star. In return, Derek offers to teach Sage – who’s never learned – how to surf. Will the two find love in the waves?


Book Review

Waves of Love by Lori Ann Mitchell is a great romance novel to read if you want to feel inlove once again. Especially that it is an unusual love for the fact that Sage is 10 years older than Derek. It’s indeed a book with different waves of emotions. The author was able to raise issue of insecurities that woman feel when they are older than the man that they love, which in reality this kind of situation happens … and at the end it’s always love that prevails and erase all that those negative emotions.

It’s a very short romance novel. Although the flow of the story is predictable, but it is well written that draws the reader to feel the burning emotions of the main characters of this novel.



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{#BookReview} Imagine the Life You’d Love to Live, Then Live It

Book Description

Peg Conley has been an artist all her life but, like many of us, took a long detour into the working world. After being a part of the corporate world for 25 years, she had an aha! moment after telling herself, “Imagine the life you want to live, then live it. It’s that simple.” Along with her family’s support, she was able her to move to San Francisco to pursue art and start a business based on her artisan stationary.


This book is separated into 52 chapters that offer both small steps and huge leaps in growth and advice for each week of the year that will help you develop new habits and discipline, with guidance that ranges from unplugging to recharge, to doodling up your deepest dreams, and learning to go where your heart leads you. Both practical and profound, this is a week-by-week guide to regaining your own creativity, trusting that your dream will unfold, and daring to reclaim your life.


Imagine the Life You'd Love to Live, Then Live It



As I read the title of the book a whirlwind of fantasies suddenly formed inside my mind; I was distracted imagining my kind of life. Good thing I learned meditation and was able to get my focus back to reading the book.

I finished the book within 12 hours with pauses in between, so roughly 5 hours. yup that’s how it is easy to read. It’s like reading 52 blog posts in one sitting. BUT,  I will not recommend you to do the same. Instead, I ask you to read and devour each chapter, learn from it and practice the teachings in this book. Besides this is a self-help book, a no magic formula for overnight changes (I wish!). As mentioned in the book description, the book is a week-by-week guide –  52 chapters for 52 weeks to prepare you and as the process will lead you to your so-called “ideal life”. Basically it’s a one year program to follow.

Okay, I hear you! I have to reread this book and will contemplate the teachings in every chapter, and do whatever suggested in this book.  Actually, I read and heard about most of the tips written in this book through advises from friends and families and self-help books. And this book is a compilation of those guides plus additional tips and personal anecdotes from the author. It’s very practical, basic and easy to follow… but I guess hard to implement that’s why we are stuck on where  we are right now.

There are questions raised in every end of the chapter making this book interactive. And the quotations from different personalities are remarkable. But like any other self-help book, the change will always start with a big decision and discipline within you to change the life you want to have.


As I start this year, part of the decision that I will make is to write a weekly blog post using this book as my guide. Hopefully, by next year I am living the life I am dreaming of.


 Disclosure: A book was provided to me  for review.  No payment was received by me in exchange for this review nor was there an obligation to write a positive one. All opinions are 100% mine.

Green Living

I am inspired to write this post after reading the book “”All You Need is Less” by Madeleine Somerville. In many ways, I can relate how she live a frugal life and practicing green living. My mama has influence me a lot to do so. Here’s an itsy-bitsy of what she taught us:

REUSE. RECYCLE – not all trash has no purpose at all. When you look at it there is still something you can do for it. So save it for the future. Because of this I became a trash hoarder especially if it can be re-purposed. See my eco-friendly craft ideas here.

If you don’t need it then don’t ask for it. Sure plastic bag can be reused, but it will be worn-out in several uses. So where it goes? in the landfill! It’s garbage! By refusing of using plastic then usage of it will be lessen.My mama is known in the local wet market of not using plastic bags. If  she bought vegetables from one booth to another she will just ask the sales person to put directly to her basket rather than putting different vegetables in different plastic bags. For fishes she will usually bring an ice bucket. Less plastic, less garbage.

Bags are available in a supermarket where you can bring it when you do grocery. I know some supermarket in Philippines encourage people to use this bags but I don’t think people are aware of the advantage of using it.

Separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable. Rotten biodegradable are use as natural fertilizer for plants. Speaking of plants we usually grow leafy  vegetable at our backyard. At least we are sure that it’s chemical free and fresh plus we can save money.


There are actually lots of things that I want to share about green living taught by mom. Probably will blog about it regularly. Plus tips of simple living like using chemical free products we use in our home and in our body.


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