Nexan: Your Information Storage Solution

We are in the information age – a click in your computer and you’ll get lots of data that you need, thus content is king and it must be protected as well as stored properly.

But one of the problems faced by an organization in maintaining their website or information system is storing data as they update and add more information. This requires them more data space not to mention hiring well equipped IT staffs to maintain its data center.


One solution is to have a data archiving system like the products offered in Nexan Corporation. Nexan provides a comprehensive range of enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solution suited for medium-sized businesses. They have different products and storage solution depending on the costumer’s requirements.

With their storage solution you don’t need anyone with specialization in storage training because their products are designed for easy use. When it comes to energy usage, as one factor that an organization considers, Nexan’s storage products are guaranteed cost-saving. Most of their products save up to 67% in energy costs using their energy-saving technology. Thus their products are eco-friendly as well.

To learn more about Nexan’s products and solution for your storage problem, visit their website at  and experience a different kind of storage system– twice the capacity of the other typical storage system using the same space while consuming less power.

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