My New iPhone 4s

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S: a necessity or luxury?

This is the first question that strikes in my mind when I enrolled for phone plans. But it’s too late for me to decide ‘coz I already signed up for the plan. I know it’s a bit luxury. I can get a cheaper plan if I only need the messaging and call function of a phone.

I felt guilty about my action. I am on tight budget because I have this target savings. Now this is additional to my monthly bills.

On the other hand, I am honestly enjoying the phone especially the apps for blogging. I can check emails, blog,  tweet, Google+ and Facebook wherever I am.  Thus, I have no excuse that I can’t update my status. Plus there are many apps that are really helpful.

If I have to ask myself that same question again, my answer is – it’s a luxury but I’ll consider it as a gift for all my hardwork. Isn’t it fair?

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    hmmm.. for a frugal person like myself, yes, I would consider that a luxury, after all, the purpose of a cell phone is to text or call someone in case of very important situations. However, as my husband put it, if you are going to acquire something, be sure that you like it now as much as you would like it a few years from now. So, I guess, you were right in getting it because you enjoy using it, and that’s what’s important..

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    magdadala ka pa ba ng laptop o desktop o old phones para icheck ang blog? pati pa ba charger? lol, pwede rin. your new phone makes your life easier. definitely, its a necessity. we have spent years to maintain blogs. time to reduce the number of hours spent in front of laptop and desktop. we can avoid hemorrhoids and undeniably save electricity.

    pwede pa text? hehehe

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    I think iPhones are a luxury but that didn’t stop me from buying it. I super love it. Though looking at my current expenses now, I wished I would have opted for a cheaper plan. A Blackberry would be a necessity not to mention cheaper. I’m trying to convince hubby that if he doesn’t want to get an iPhone then we could sign up for the Blackberry plan since it’s cheaper.

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