How Do I Monetize My Blog?

One of the reasons why I love blogging is the fact that I am also earning through my blogs. That’s why from one personal blog I created two more blogs and even invested for the domain, web hosting and blog design. And I’m planning to create another blog – solely for reviewing products.

Monetizing Your Blog

Mainly, I make money through paid posts by linking a certain keyword to the advertiser’s site. The amount may vary. When I started doing paid post I accepted a 0.50 cents task that requires me to make a 200 words post. Ridiculous isn’t it? But I didn’t mind it.

Some paid post requires me to review a certain product. In reviewing a product it’s either an advertiser will pay you in monetary value or the product itself. I love both. Last year I received a book for review, the effort of reading it and making a review is worth it. I love the book and learned a lot from it.

Placing ads in my site is also a way of getting revenue. I place Google ads in a conspicuous place of my site. I can earn from it when a certain visitor will click on my ads in a certain amount.  So far I have not reached the minimum cash-out of $100.00. It’s pretty hard to reach the amount but at least I’m earning.

By the way, about the paid post, you’re maybe wondering where I get paid tasks. I have a list of legitimate sites where I make money. You can check the page “Online Earning Programs” at the top. In that page there are other ways of making money online aside from monetizing your blog.

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  1. says

    Although, blogging was never started as a method to increase our overall income; these days blogging has been one of the most popular money making methods. So many opportunities are there if you run a popular blog.

    Personally i don’t like putting ads on my blog. Because that simply doesn’t bring significant amount of money if you don’t huge number of traffic. But are ways to generate substantial income from your blog even when you have less traffic. What’s more important to me is quality traffic. And that’s what i focus on.

    I have recently listed some of the best blog monetization tips in one of my blog posts and i hope, you would like to check it here :

    Nice blog and keep up the good work.

    Have a nice day …. Tamal

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