How Do I Monetize My Blog?

One of the reasons why I love blogging is the fact that I am also earning through my blogs. That’s why from one personal blog I created two more blogs and even invested for the domain, web hosting and blog design. And I’m planning to create another blog – solely for reviewing products.

Monetizing Your Blog

Mainly, I make money through paid posts by linking a certain keyword to the advertiser’s site. The amount may vary. When I started doing paid post I accepted a 0.50 cents task that requires me to make a 200 words post. Ridiculous isn’t it? But I didn’t mind it.

Some paid post requires me to review a certain product. In reviewing a product it’s either an advertiser will pay you in monetary value or the product itself. I love both. Last year I received a book for review, the effort of reading it and making a review is worth it. I love the book and learned a lot from it.

Placing ads in my site is also a way of getting revenue. I place Google ads in a conspicuous place of my site. I can earn from it when a certain visitor will click on my ads in a certain amount.  So far I have not reached the minimum cash-out of $100.00. It’s pretty hard to reach the amount but at least I’m earning.

By the way, about the paid post, you’re maybe wondering where I get paid tasks. I have a list of legitimate sites where I make money. You can check the page “Online Earning Programs” at the top. In that page there are other ways of making money online aside from monetizing your blog.


2 Responses to “How Do I Monetize My Blog?”

  1. Sylver Blaque Says:

    Good tips – thanx!

  2. Kristen Says:

    This is one of my goals for my blog, too. Since I’m a SAHM, I want to earn while enjoying what I write! :)


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