How to Start a Blog?

Before you start a blog, think what is your goal or your purpose first. Is it just purely for fun, for showcasing your arts or your portfolio, collection of poems or lyrics, or whatever the reason is and earning through blog is not the main reason then you can start a blog in any different free blogging platforms like and Adding blog to any of these platform is easy; just explore and you`ll eventually learn.

However, if you want to get a passive income out from your blog then better invest time and money as you start. Here’s a concise step on how to start a blog.

  1. Think of a niche. It should be something that you are interested so that you will not ran out of ideas on what to post. Having a specific topic in your blog will let your follower know what they expect from your blog. You can also have a personal or general blog which you can add posts anything under the sun. But some advertisers prefer blog with a specific niche.
  2. Think of a title for your blog. It should be catchy and easy to remember; it should tell exactly what you will be blogging on that blog.
  3. Buy a domain name. Usually advertisers prefer blogs with their own domain name. You can choose .com, .net, .info to name a few. Dot com (.com) is the most popular but is the most expensive.I suggest that your title should also be in your domain name so that it will be easily remember. For example, if your title is “Blogger Goddess” then your domain should be (in case you want the .com) and as possible make it short.
  4. Invest for a self-hosted blog. It’s like buying a web server space from a web hosting provider. There are individuals who offer web hosting services in a very reasonable price. But always choose reliable and affordable web hosting provider.
  5. Once your blog is up then you are ready to make your first post. Update it regularly, connect with other bloggers, and use networking sites to advertise your blog. Because earning through blog requires a good statistics. Meaning if your site has good traffic or you’ve got plenty of unique visitors then advertiser will choose your blog to promote their product or ask you to link their site.

Hope this will help you as you start your journey in the blogosphere.

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74 Responses to “How to Start a Blog?”

  1. Easy2Save Says:

    Those are some great tips. I use blogspot it is free and I mostly post product reviews and other posts like free samples etc. I have not tried to earn money from it maybe I should.

  2. Angie Nelson Says:

    Great beginner tips, Yannie.

  3. Deedra Says:

    Thanks for some good starter tips!

  4. adfly autoclicker Says:

    you are actually a excellent webmaster. The website loading pace is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterwork. you have performed a magnificent task on this matter!

  5. Katie Says:

    Great tips! My niche has changed over the years since I first set up my blog, but the original idea is there, I’ve just now expanded on it!

  6. Erin O'Riordan Says:

    Starting a blog is a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun, too. It’s nice to have a pulpit to get all those random thoughts (around a theme, of course) out of your head.

  7. Starlene Says:

    Great tips, do you have a favorite web host that you recommend people should use when getting started with their self hosted blog? Also, do you think a person should, along with registration of the URL also get the and as is sometimes recommended by the domain registrar?

  8. jollyjilly Says:

    What great tips i could have done with them when I started out. I did get help but then got left to cope. I know Ive made mistakes and Im still learning everyday.

  9. Yannie Says:

    Me as well. I should have invested for domains and web hosting when I started.

  10. Yannie Says:

    I suggest you go for big companies like Hostgator for your web hosting. But if you want really cheap there are individuals who do web hosting services like and My blogs are hosted by those two web hosting service. So far I have no problem with their services.

    For your second question,there’s no need to buy other domain. itself is enough.

  11. Yannie Says:

    I agree with you erin. When I started it’s just for the school requirement, no pressure. but when i started to monetize my blog I have to double my effort

  12. Yannie Says:

    It’s really hard to stick on a niche.

  13. Yannie Says:

    There are legitimate sites that offers you to do paid post. I have a list of this site at

  14. Corinne Rodrigues Says:

    Great info for a new blogger!

  15. Julie Says:

    Since I am just starting up, I don’t really have anything to add. Thanks for your tips tho.

  16. Eleni Poulakou Says:

    as Katie said, you can expand on a niche — find different angles and branch out.

    For example, my two main subjects are writing and Greece. Look what one can come up with:
    Greek myths and folk tales, Greek writers, language and writing, contemporary global or personal issues as seen through a Greek perspective, comparisons between foreign- and Greek-speaking writers — and I’m thinking about adding Greek music to the mix.

    This is not self-promotional :) I just wanted to show that there are more possibilities than you may think of at the beginning.

  17. life just saying Says:

    Great started and reminder points.

  18. Anjanette Says:

    I am so glad I switched to a self-hosted blog. I am much more visable to search engines now, and I love the options I have with self-hosted wordpress!

  19. Katie Says:

    I agree it takes a lot of time and work to get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

  20. Glenda Cates Says:

    I have been blogging just over a year and I use blogger but I do know I now need to buy the domain and that blogger stops me from getting some of the things I would like to get so now I am getting a new blog and working on a Niche so I can buy the domain name as the one I have does not fit in with what I would like to portray.

  21. Lou Lou Says:

    This is my first week of blogging. I think I’ve followed most of your tips. I’m really looking forward to the weeks/months ahdead…

  22. andrea Says:

    great article – let it also be noted that the reason one should INVEST in a SELF-hosted blog as opposed to a or something similar – has all your content, you can’t run ads on a page, they could go down at any time….

  23. Tabitha (a.k.a. Penny) Says:

    I think passion is often overlooked. I have a friend who wants to blog but cannot make it work because she says that she cannot figure out what people want to read. That is not the goal. To start a blog, you have to just want to write about your passion. Readers will follow.

  24. Kerry Says:

    I agree that a niche can be helpful- -but my advice would be not to get too stuck on that niche. Unless it is a topic that is constantly evolving and changing you could easily run out of ideas to write about. I think sometimes shaking it up a bit can be beneficial too!

  25. Stephanie @ One Sleepy Mom Says:

    Those are some great tips! I think the most important one is to have a self hosted blog. I pay about $6 a month for mine. Well worth the investment in my opinion.

  26. Kecia Says:

    Great post. This should help many people looking to start a blog of their own.

  27. Julie Says:

    I find that it is hard to reach the advertisers I want. I have been researching and working on it and this blogelina event is sure helping me pick up on a few tips as well!

  28. Brett Says:

    great tips. especially about getting your own URL!!

  29. Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom Says:

    Good list for the beginner. It would be nice to follow this post with the next steps once you have started your blog. Good luck to you.

  30. cooking lady Says:

    All good tips for the beginner blogger. I transfered over to WP. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun. Great post!

  31. Shelly Says:

    Great ideas I have followed all of these suggestions and so far so good.

  32. Mary @ The Mommy Job Says:

    I’ve been working these same steps and finally launched my blog :)

  33. Erin @ My Mommy World Says:

    Great tips! I think I’ve done all of them in starting my blog. Now I’m just trying to work on getting my ads to work!

  34. Mrs. Accountability Says:

    Good tips. Some bloggers have started with one topic and expanded to several others. One very well known and successful blogger is The Pioneer Woman. She started out with a blog just for her family and friends and became wildly successful. Now she has the personal section, photography, recipes, homeschooling and probably more by now. :-) I hear she is making close to a million a year in blogging. Pretty cool what can be done with a blog.

  35. Jill Says:

    Some great tips there for people who are just starting out! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Britni @ Our Eventual Homestead Says:

    Very helpful post. I use wordpress for publishing and Host Gator as my host. I really enjoy blogging and building a community but had no idea the amount of time that is involved when I first started. Since then I have managed to find a nice balance that works for me.

  37. Johnnie Says:

    Good thoughts. I wish I had known to go with self hosted from the beginning! Oh well, better late than never.

    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations

  38. Jeanette Says:

    I defiently agree with purchasing a domain name. Websites with the .blogspot address just seem… Weak? I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for is, but having your own domain is definetly beneficial.

  39. Krystle Says:

    I have just started my blog. I think you mentioned most of what I did :)

  40. Emily Says:

    I just started blogging, so these tips are very helpful, thanks!

  41. Dianna @ practicing frugal Says:

    Great ideas for those just starting out. Very helpful.

  42. Sarah @ Ropeknits Says:

    Excellent tips, thanks!

  43. Daily Citron Says:

    Like others here, I’m very happy that I switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog. There is so much more freedom in terms of designing the website and using various plugins to enhance the site.
    -Viva recently posted Homemade Pizza Dough

  44. Jamie Says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  45. Suzy Says:

    A great bunch of tips for the beginning blogger! Thanks so much for sharing!


  46. Maura Says:

    It always looks so easy when you read this list – until you begin and realize how much work is involved in each step!!!

  47. Laurie Says:

    Great starting tips. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Have a great day.

  48. Mariah Says:

    Great tips! I definitely agree with #3 and #4 if you really want to own your content!

  49. Carrie Says:

    Great post. Another key thing is to stick with it and be consistent over a long period of time. This will build value for people and develop followers.

  50. Melanie Says:

    Finding a niche is often the hardest part! Ultimately, there is a sense of community within each niche that makes it worthwhile.

  51. Krissy @ B.Inspired Mama Says:

    I think I’m getting pretty close to purchasing my own domain and switching to self-hosting. Thanks for the reminders!

  52. Tracy @ Says: has been fantastic. Having hosted my site through them for the past year, I have only had one known down time for 5 minutes. Very solid company with which I recommend.

  53. Jamie Says:

    These are actually really good tips. When I started my blog, it was just for my own whatever. It’s more of a personal blog and has changed some. But I have been toying with the idea of a blog that is more streamlined….I am thinking of the niche I want to have. Thanks so much!!

  54. Judith Says:

    Great tips! I just started and had no idea what I was doing – I wasn’t trying to make money, though, just doing it for fun. And it’s been great fun for two years already!

  55. Carolynn Says:

    Great list, I’d like to add patience to the list! A blog takes TIME!

  56. See You In the Garden Says:

    I started my blog for a few reasons, one of which was to learn something new this year. And boy oh boy has that been the case. I really should have done more research into what it took, but decided to just jump in and learn.

    I think you gave some great tips. Thanks for sharing with those who may be looking to start a blog.

  57. Layne Lanpher Says:

    Great beginner tips – thank you :)

  58. Dawn Storey Says:

    These are great start-up tips – thanks for sharing!

  59. Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) Says:

    Thanks for the great tips. Wish I had that when I started. I’m still new so hopefully I’ll see sequels to this posting from you!

  60. LaVonne Says:

    I wish I had known to buy my own domain when I started. Thanks for sharing this post!

    Blessings :)

  61. Making Our Life Matter Says:

    Great advice for blogging newbies! Have a terrific day!

  62. Adelina Priddis Says:

    If you want to make money from a blog, you definitely have to invest the time. I find that you don’t have to invest a whole lot of money though. Some yes, but not a lot. For me blogging is really just more for fun, and making a little extra money is a nice perk.

  63. Karren Says:

    I’m enjoying your blogging comments. I love to read others opinions! I have come from Blogelinas 100 comment hop, and now continue to hop!! Now that we met come follow me…… on my….. GFC….Oh! My Heartsie
    @Oh! My Heartsie

  64. Stacie Says:

    Great article! I agree to connect with other bloggers, you can get some awesome leads that way, not to mention some great new friends!

  65. Tiffany Says:

    Great tips! These would have been helpful when I first started blogging. :)

  66. clarissa Says:

    great post for new bloggers! I remember just starting out and not knowing where to turn.

  67. Jessica, The Debt Princess Says:

    Personally, I think people should start off with a free site first, just to make sure they like blogging and are willing to put the time into it. You don’t want to waste the money on a domain and hosting only to find out in a month or so that you really don’t make the time to work on the blog.

  68. Jaime @ Busy Mom on the Go Says:

    This is how Busy Mom on the Go got started!! All great points for new bloggers to consider!

  69. jenivieve Says:

    nice tips for newbies:)

  70. Heather @ Keep It Thimble Says:

    Great advice for those just starting out. I think figuring out your niche or theme is one of the most important things you need to do first. This will guide all your content.

  71. Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM Says:

    What a great intro to blogging. I like how you stated that if you would like to earn income then do it this way. Because there is a slight difference if your goal is to not earn any income.


  72. Amber--JadeLouise Designs Says:

    Great tips! i’d also add that they need to decide on how frequently they want to blog, daily, weekly, etc. Set goals for what you want your blog to do and work toward it.

    I also recommend joining blogging communities to gain support and friendships. These come in handy when you need support or help with ideas or how to do something on a blog, you can ask your friends in your communities.

  73. April H Says:

    Great beginner tips!

  74. sarah Says:

    great advice! thanks and i will take be sure to do some of these things. especially monetizing


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