How Microworkers Works?

One of the paying sites that I like is Microworkers. Although earnings is also micro [I mean not that too big], but it just compensates with the tasks.

Here’s a cartoon I grabbed from Microworkers, on how it works. I want to write it in my own words but I love the cartoons. Anyway it explains well about what Microworkers is and how it works.

Maybe you’re wondering what type of job they offer… Here’s a list of the tasks that you might be interested to take:

  1. If you’re a blogger or site owner, you can receive task to include links on your post, at least 50 words. The higher PR you have the greater tasks you’ll get. But take note, they prefer self-hosted blog.
  2. Write an Article
  3. Comment on Blogs
  4. Sign-up for a site. Usually paid site.
  5. Click or search. Site owner what to increase the popularity of their site so they ask worker to visit their site. And of course click ads for them to earn revenue as well.
  6. Employer also asks you to join forums.
  7. Other tasks include: bookmark, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook (usually employer ask you to like fanpage), Voting & Rating, Yahoo Answers, Download-Install, Classified Posting, etc.

Minimum cash out in Microworkers is $10. If you doubt if this site is legit, you can check  a screen shot of my first payout.

Join Microworkers now and start earning! It’s absolutely free!

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