Is Daily Profit Always a Scam?

Daily Profit Always Withdrawal history

I joined Daily Profit Always last April 17 with an initial of 1 share ($10). ¬†And because I believe with the site I bought more shares that will make profit $5 daily for 50 days. I can say that it is a great program where you can earn passive income.But recently the site is having problem with the withdrawal which causes the members to panic … [Read more...]

Progress of My Daily Profit Always Earnings

Daily Profit Always

With my $10 initial investment and by repurchasing my earnings I had withdrawn a total of $28. And as I said I repurchased my earnings (3 shares) and because I believe with this program I purchased additional 7 shares worth $70. So currently I have 10 shares earning $5.00 per day. Some facts about DailyProfitAlwaysEverytime you … [Read more...]