Adderall is an effective medication for those who suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. It is made up of amphetamine salt that has significant effect on your brain.

One benefit of adderall for those who suffered from ADHD is that it increases the patient’s attention and focus. With this, one can effectively do and finish his task without suffering from distractions.

As for narcoleptic patients, those who suffered from excessive sleepiness even and frequent daytime attack, adderall is proven to keep the patient awake. Apparently one can function effectively as well as stay in focus on whatever he is doing.

You can buy adderall online to treat patient as quickly as possible. However, take the safety precautions first. Although adderall is considered safe to most adults, there are some potential side effects of taking it according to one article: patient may suffer from headaches, muscle tension, anxiety and irritability. And since adderall will keep the patient awake, he will experience insomnia when he takes medication before sleeping.

If the patient is currently taking different medicines, read the guidelines first if this can be taken with the adderall or the medicine that contains amphetamine salt. Drug interactions may cause other illness to the patient.

Aderall is not advisable for those who would like to become pregnant, those who are pregnant and those who are nursing for it may cause damage to developing babies.

Always consider safety first; it is still best to consult your physician before taking any medications.



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    There is a tendency for Adderall to be compared to Ritalin. Adderall may be slightly stronger than Ritalin. It may also have slightly different side effects. One clinician’s study showed that Adderall was less likely to cause anxiety and agitation, while being more likely to cause insomnia.

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    Yes its true that adderall is effective only for those patients that have ADHD problem. But people use it as drug for fun which is not good for their health

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