Go for $1000

Two days to go and it’s 2011. Sad to say my target earning of $500 was not achieved. Joggling between work and study is hard. I have to prioritize things. So blogging is the least in my priority. When I find time, I only actively post on my other blog, Spices of My Life. Besides I set the target on August 5, a little bit late.  Another thing i … [Read more...]

Neobux Proof of Payment

I lilly lilly love Neobux…LOL… Got my 3rd payment yesterday via PayPal. Yippee! With Neobux, you just click, view and earn! And that’s good for 20 seconds per ad. Usually for a standard member, like me, there are 4 ads to be viewed each day (sometimes 5). And there’s NO registration fee. But if you want to earn more then upgrade to Golden Members … [Read more...]