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2nd Payment from Neobux

I got my 2nd payment from Neobux. It took me longer to withdraw the money because I should have at least $ 3 to request for payment. Unlike on my first withdraw which only requires a minimum of $2. And another reason is that I tried to purchase referrals. I don’t know if it really […]

Bible: A Source of Strength

It’s really hard when you are faced with burden especially when no one is around you… And the only answer is trust Him… A year ago after my graduation from the Singles for Christ, we were given a kit with bible daily reading guide. Honestly I ignored it after the 12th day. It seems I […]

A New Look

I’m thinking of changing my old template because it looks dull. But I know it would be laborious on my part because I wasn’t using the default template of blogger. This means all links will disappear and I have to re-link all the links. I have experienced this before. And it took me more than […]

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